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Welcome to THE LOST COLLECTIBLES WIKI where we catalog collectibles which are lost, rumored, or have an unknown existence. Please create a username and join the community!

If there was a toy - even a McDonald's Happy Meal toy - lost/rumored/unknown existence, please add it to the wiki using this template, then add the information; examples of formatting are in the "Important Articles".

Status Key

Label Definition
Lost The collectible was not sold at retail, has not been seen since the announcement (whether in catalog, commercial, etc)
Existence Unconfirmed Claims of a collectibles existence causes a massive search, a photo being the only "proof" of its existence, but there's too many variables to label the collectible as an actual item.
Found The collectible has been found, either in someone's personal collection, or has been found in the wild (i.e.: store, flea markets, etc)
Unknown The collectible is none of the above or has yet to be released/promised a street date but was either not fulfilled or changed to a later date.

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